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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking Back

This entry is way way overdue. I was busy recalling important events before Christmas but I can't find the time to blog long posts in Tuge's cafe simply because I can't concentrate at all there. There are a lot of distractions there - Dota matches, ADHD kids (and adult as well)Photobucket , a lot of pakialamerong tao, the noise and other sort of distractions. Hottie distraction also counts. Hahaha! Photobucket

First thing I remember about 2008 was one3 and I are back. Not that "back" but at least were not like it was back in 2007. Sure we had some rough time, as usual, but we handled it way better than before. I don't want to dwell much about this matter Photobucketbecause of you-know-who. Photobucket (LOL)

Secondly, I got my ear pierced. It was really a spontaneous and a dare I might say. I decided long ago not to have any piercing but in the spur of the moment I decided i want one to make some changes. Now I'm thinking of getting a tattoo done on my back to hide my acne scars but reluctant because of the pain Photobucket and the possible outcome because my skin is prone to keloid scarring.

B is home back from Dubai just this November 11 but 2p flew to Riyadh last September 12. Photobucket

I missed the annual pilgrimage to Puerto Galera with friends last year because I decided to spend Holy Week with other friends at Nasugbu Beach. It was okay I missed Puerto last year cause something really unforgettable happened. Photobucket

2008 is the year of swimming. Hahaha! A lotta sea (or pool), sand, and sun action last year. I love my skin to be sun kissed.Photobucket

And speaking of the beach, I even tried and learned a new sport - skim boarding. At the time of this writing I probably can't ride again. I Need to brush up the basics this coming summer.

It was my first time to set foot on pulong calayo, an island off the bay of Calayo privately owned by Legarda. (Click here to learn about some controversy regarding the island)

I roughed it up at Munting Calayo for the first time with Cy, aiza, and allan. we spent a night survivor style with the help of Jesse on this uninhabited spot. We ate on Banana bark, drank on sawed off 1.5 PET bottles, gathered firewood at one in the morning, and slept without rinsing off with freshwater. Well I didn't slept at all, I was hyperactive that time because of I need my alcohol fix. Hahaha! We only brought a liter of a local brandy and thought it will be enough. But we were mistaken. Photobucket

My Palm phone died on me. Photobucket But I can still use other applications except the phone feature. Gawd I need to back up it up. Last time I synced it with a pc was May of 2007. Blame it on my younger sister who always crash our pc at home. Photobucket

It was also my first time on Jackie's place at Panuka. It was really far from what I thought it to be. I thought we gonna stay in a bahay kubo with incandescent bulb but instead we slept in a furnished bungalow with chandelier and a PX good stocked kitchen. Photobucket

I slept a lot at Izza's place. And if not I'm sleeping there I'm sleeping in my "bat cave" or the hallway in our toilet and bath area at my Aunt's house. I love it there I can sleep even if the sun have risen. I close the doors of the toilet, the bath and the door of the hallway and voila total darkness! Photobucket

Butanding Spotting - you already know about it. Catch it here

A lot of people I know got married or getting married soon (see related post)

Met a lot of new friends - The Talangan Boys - mac, amel, rj, etc. From Wawawi - jenny, ylen, ruth, ayan, meynard, lucky, abet, tanak, hapon and a lot of drinking buddies. Skimmers - tutong, ej, jojo, toto, benmar. The summer backpakers - tibot, john, and their friends. Shop people - the list will be long.

Three guys have made it in the beta test group. (see related post to better understand "beta test group") Photobucket

All in all my life in 2008 was blessed one even if I was a bum for the whole of 2008. Photobucket

I'll save myself from your comments and promise that 2009 is the year when I'll get motivated and I'll get my lazy ass up and start working again. After all I time to move on from the political hulabahula on the workplace that happened.Photobucket

Anyway that's all I can remember.

Vavavoom gaia prosti

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