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Friday, August 4, 2006

Men in a Librarian's Lovelife

I read kiLLer'SweeT game na! and it was hilarious. click it to read the post.


Yo girl! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Hahaha it was nice of you posting somewhat of a tribute as a sleeping beauty of the gang!

But erratum to your post: Desmond should not be included in the list.

But think again,it will not be bad to have him in the list as a boytoy. Hahaha

I treat my men as men and my boys as boys.


So there's a big difference between arlan, uly, aris and toffee categorically speaking. Hahaha! Even in my lovelife my profession is evident, cataloging. Hahaha. I catalog men in classes. Hahaha

One3 is placed on the upmost echelon of my caste system as he is a "rajah" - a partner, a loved one, my man.

Aris is a friend, and he reside on the upper part, like somewhat of a royal acquaintance. He's like an advisor. I love men in this class but not to that extent. They are my buddies. I love their company cause they are friends. And I toe the line between a friend and a rajah.

Uly used to be the middle class, or what we call a love interest, as he is a former crush but due to some circumstances he is now a commoner in my kingdom. This class is what I fondly call the "beta test group. "  Hahaha! This is the pool where the hopefuls for being my rajah is picked.

Arlan belongs to the commoner group, the flings or boytoys. They are the guys I am with when I am living the single life and unattached.... or not! Hahaha. Some of them are "player" but not all. Some of them are just plain "boys". Get what I mean? They just don't have the balls to be men. Their character varies. Not all men in this group are bad but to put it correctly they are not my cup of tea. But I do love them, somehow, but not that much. They are what I call "you're just around and I want to play guys." You want to play, I can play. Hahaha. I'm so Bad. Tch.

Their status quo can change. They can rise from one class to another or the other way around. Or worst, they can be an exile to my royal palace of LOVEDOM. Hahaha!

God save the Queen! LMAO! hahahaha!

1 comment:

  1. LOL kudos to you Raj w/ this entry. So where does Ginno and Rob fall under? XD


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