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Monday, January 12, 2009

Wedding Season

It's the wedding season, been to a lot of weddings lately and I need to attend some more. My cousin Ruel and Joy exchanged i do's last December. Lorissa and Dennis tied the knot last month too. Here's a picture of the couple courtesy of Elaine.

And here's one which I grabbed from Lorissa's FS account.

Back to weddings, just yesterday Ronnie and Hasmin said i dos. (Sorry Ronnie I missed it.) Next week Elenita will walk down the aisle at Calerguea. (I had yet to confirm if I'm gonna attend though. Been convincing M to accompany me) And any time soon, I know Jimbo will tie the knot too. I'm against his decision like his family do but I'm gonna stand by my man and wish him the best of everything he wants. But I did warned him in the pitfalls of rushing things especially that involved life time commitments.

Anyway I ran out of things to say now the thought of B marrying occupied my mind again. But one thing I can say there's no wedding bells for me anytime sooner. As if! Hahaha. Photobucket

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