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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pockie Ninja: Wanted Special Jounins

Are you one of the Special Jounins Pockie Ninja is looking for?

If you are above level 30, hasn’t login to the game for consecutive 7 days in June, July or August, or you are one of the SELECT fews that receive the return pack and return charge pack (click to learn more about these packs) then you are qualified to get these more awesome rewards.

The higher level returner is the greater rewards he can get. Click this link to get your reward now.

About these items:
  • Special Jounin Title: Hit +55, Armor Break +55, Critical Strike +50, Strike +50. To learn more click here to get the above prizes.
  • Sage panacea: The amount of earned EXP is equal to killing 35 monsters of your level.
  • Advanced Sage panacea: The amount of earned EXP is equal to killing 350 monsters of your level.
  • Seal Breaker:Can be used to open S-rank, A-rank, B-rank and C-rank secret technique scroll.
  • Safety Talisman:Used for advanced outfit transfer. If using Safety Talisman, then outfit will not
  • Shippuden Wishing Pot:Can get one +0 Karin, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Suigetsu or Hoshigaki
Please Note:
  1. All rewards are bound.
  2. Every account can claim reward once only (If you have several characters in multiple servers that meet the requirement of special jounin, please choose suitable server to claim your reward)
Isn't the rewards awesome? You get free gold, a title that is way better than King of Log-in title (a title you get when you didn't missed a day playing), experience bags to give you a boost up in level catch up with your hard playing friends, and seal breakers which costs at least 5g each and when used with scrolls can give you kyuubi naruto, rare level 76 weapon, rare level 80 ring,+27 wishing pot, +21 pet wishing pot, coupon packs, stonebags, more experience bags, and other items. That aside from shippuden wishing pot where you can choose from the new suits available and safety talisman which is used for advance outfit transfer in case the gender of the suit you get from luxury outfit box in return pack is a mismatch with your character's gender (which happened to most players). Isn't all of these awesome? Click here to know if your eligible to claim these awesome prizes.

Will post about the new stuff about Chapter 4 Shippuden Special and Surprise Pack the loyal gamers got in the next post. Gonna compare it versus the Return Packs.

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  1. parang unper lang. huhuhuh. wala bang freebies sa daily loginners?

  2. There is. Suprise packs. There is orange wishing pot x20 and 25 advance sage panaceas if im not mistaken. Yeah it's kinda unfair. I don't want the luxury outfit and pet box, what I want are those luxury exp bagsss. Bagsss in plural. Some got as much as 40 of those. Damn.

  3. pano ba gamitin ung seal breaker


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