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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pockie Ninja's Return Pack and Return Charge Pack Chaos

Seem Pockie Ninjas are in uproar. yoyo emoticons And that's not because of their new patch, Chapter 4 Shippuden, because it is yet set to be release 2 days from now.

The cause of the unrest - Return Pack and Return Charge Packs. To better enlighten you here are photos of these gifts. Photos tell much more. Note: the prizes are random. Some got +22 suits

Staff says it is given as incentive to old players to return after not playing for a set amount of time. But I do wonder why do they have the Perfect Attendance event. And to think the above awards are far superior (as in FAR) compared to having a perfect attendance or playing daily and winning JUST 1 new outfit jar. I just don't see the logic here. They're giving much coveted prizes for those players who actually don't play rather than to those players who play daily and top up. Oh and another thing, they say it's ONLY for returning players. But I do know some people in my server who are playing everyday and is in arena top 10 ranking that got the packs. pretty impressive from level 68 to 73 all of a sudden.yoyo emoticons That's like at least a month of playing on a daily basis.

Oh this is a delicate issue. People are getting banned for asking questions in the forums. Scary. yoyo emoticons At the time of my writing all those threads regarding this issue are gone.

Even staff are overwhelmed by the chaos and one official staff called players dogs. Here is what he said:

"Let them quit, they will all run back like dogs when chapter 4 events are out"

Damn I failed to take a screenshot of that. It's priceless. LOL This is all i got:

I like to rant up to about this staff's attitude but there are lot on the thread(s) and he took some beating. And also I found these:

I just hope that Game321 will do something about the attitude of this particular staff of theirs. If not remind them of this post. Hahaha.

To sum up the feeling of the players (who haven't got the rewards) may I post the comment of a top loader and top ranking in arena and everything else of server 11.

I know how he feels, I'm from server 11 too. To worked our ass off and played daily (for hours) just to make that exp bar move a little to reach the next level, and see some players getting a level boost by just getting lucky he got the reward for no apparent reason, thats truly disappointing. Not to mention that hard gained exp is worth days or even weeks. May I quote a player from other server, I really like how he said it.
"If they deserve to get those rewards because they are OFFLINE or they quitted. I think Those who remained played and was LOYAL deserved BETTER" - Fujitzu
Oh, you won't see much of the above posts anymore as all the threads and posts concerning this chaos are deleted and being deleted.

And now they have announced regarding the "event" or may I say slip up.

And another one:

To read about the full mechanics click here. Kindly explain it to me if there is a relation with this event that they suddenly posted with the return packs that they gave away, cause I dont see any. yoyo emoticons

Wow, they are really fast in cleaning up a mess. Or should I say covering up their mistakes? As one player says:

Two words to sum up this brouhaha - EPIC FAIL yoyo emoticons

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  1. awwwwww. grabe naman..... :(

    mas nabigyan ng importance yung mga returning? ano to??? kaasar. di nga ako makakuha ng magandang gift sa perfect attendance.

    fail talaga

  2. You know what to do. :) RT, Reblog.

  3. friends there is special gifts for those who log into pokie ninja after a long time.. just follow the link(not related to return pack)

  4. tama! tama! ayoz to tol! mabuhay ang kalayaan! seriously. agree tlaga aq neto tol..

  5. Sa jounin recruitment yan, :( I need 4 more for the jounin summoner title.


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