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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to get the old Facebook Homepage back

Seems that since Google+ opened its doors to public, Facebook is in a rush to roll out "enhancements and tweaks" over the past few weeks. Facebook is changing almost everything from their old interface. From chat, to how we share/update our status, and just a week ago the Improved Friend Lists and the Subscribe Button.

Today they rolled out the "stalker mini-feed" or the "ticker" as Facebook calls it. This is News feed in real-time as you can see instanteneously when a friend do something such as accepts friend requests, posts something, comments, shares something and even check in to a place. This is "stalker heaven" as a friend describes it.

The News Feed is revamped too. The "top news" and "most recent" stories are now merged into a single stream. Read more about the change here. Oh, and you'll notice that the photos became bigger.

The ticker is on the right corner of the page, its rather annoying if you have a lot of friends as it scrolls down every other second. You now can't choose to see "top news" or "more recent" posts as it is merged together. The box on the left is the Improved friend lists, as if I haven't grouped my friends into the lists before.

Now we go to the main topic of my post, If you want to revert to the old Facebook, just tick the “Account Setting” tab then change the Language from “English US” to “English UK” then save it. Voila, that will do the trick and your Facebook is stripped of these two new features.

Oh and speaking of Google+ add me there.

Source: Facebook blog

UPDATE: The tweak is not working anymore. Seems like they rolled out the "enhancements" to Facebook UK too. Ugh.

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