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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fix for the New Facebook Chat Bar

Found a fix for that darn new Facebook Chat Bar. It works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Here it is on Mozilla Firefox

And here on google Chrome.

The lists not back but at least I can scroll down and check all my online friends.

Click to learn how to change your Facebook chat bar.

Here's the tutorial vid.

In case you didn't get it. Here are the steps.

Here's a fix on your chatbox:

For Google Chrome users:

Click the link below
Click "Install"
two prompts will appear in the lower part click "continue"

Click Install

Refresh your FB page then poof!

For Mozilla Firefox users

First go to Tools
Add ons
Search "greasemonkey" in the searchbox
Restart firefox or close it

open firefox after 5 seconds
Open the link mentioned below
Click Install
Prompt will appear again click Install refresh your FB page then poof!!!
Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion for Greasemonkey


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