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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Metro 2033

I just finished the RPG first person shooting Metro 2033 an hour ago.

It only took me two nights (14 hours, more or less) because I chose the easy mode. I'm really not interested in playing it but since I don't have anything else to do (I'm abstaining from drinking, been sick with cough and colds yoyo emoticons for a few days, blame it on the crazy weather here), I just tried it. And then, I get hooked. That's my problem with RPG games, once I started playing, I can't seem to stop and finish the game. Remember Valhalla Knights and Dragon Age Origins? (though I forgot to write a review of the game it's 9 out of 10)yoyo emoticons

The game story was set in post apocalypto Russia. And you'll fight and gun down giant rat mutants, and the likes, in the metro system of Moscow, hence the name of the game.

By the way it was based on a book of the same title. You'll make your way to the Tower where the game all started and nuke the mutants, the end. That simple. But the game made it a little complex by sending you to some side quests (which are really not side quests but part of the storyline.) Dunno what really hooked me to this game. My friends at the cafe was wondering too, it was a shooting game, not the usual RPG game that they saw me played. Maybe it was my curiosity. My need to know what really happened and what will happen next. Or maybe because of sheer boredom.yoyo emoticons

As for now I am itching to play the expansion pack of Dragon Age Origins, Awakening. But since my saved was lost, I am too lazy to start the game from the start. And now they are accepting pre-orders of Dragon Age II. So before they announce the release date of it, I must try to finish the expansion pack.

After I publish this, I'll try the game a friend is playing - Singularity or maybe I'll play Starcraft II for the first time.

*I wonder if I have PS3, I would probably be glued to the TV monitor playing Role Playing Games.
* yoyo emoticons

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