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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Busy

Sorry I've been very busy I'm not posting. I have a lot of things on my plate these past few days which include:
  • trying to complete the 9 masses of Misa de gallo.
  • trying to finish Twilight's fourth book, Breaking Dawn. onion emoticons I'm only shy of a few chapters away from the ending.
  • I'm finishing Dragon Age: Origins. I'm on the last part of the game. Will tell you why I got hooked with this game soon.
  • I just came from a unplanned hike from Pico de Loro yesterday and my muscles all over are still aching. onion emoticons Will post about it as soon as I got the time.
  • I'm also pretty occupied cause Christmas is just three days away and still lot to do.onion emoticons
  • And lastly I'm helping a very close friend. The details I will keep for myself.
So there. I'll post as soon as I have some time. Ta tah for now. Gotta watch Zombieland before hitting the sack.onion emoticons

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