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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heart warming food for the rainy days

It's pouring hard outside and I'm still stuck here at the cafe. I'm hungry and craving for something to eat for merienda or snacks.

Comfort food that comes to mind during these rainy days are:

Champorado and tuyo

I like the sweetness of champorado while it is tempered and contrasted by tuyo (dried salted fish)


I crave for this so bad when my friends are having this. I stopped eating this because the beef entrails - puso (heart), lapay (pancreas), tuwalya (tripe), tubo (intestine) which I love in my goto are very high on uric acid which is bad for my back. :(

Arroz caldo

I like mine with lot's of chicken and ginger.


Though people like to partner it with puto, I like mine with monay.

Miswa with meatballs

Just had this for lunch!


Beef mami for the win. I much prefer it over chicken or pork. I love mine with lot's of veggies and the beef are chunky.


And speaking of lomi, I gotta run now. It's almost dinner and I'm really hungry. Gotta run to the noodle house that I was stranded during typhoon Basyang. Gotta order their special Lomi and some pan de sal. Ta tah~

These are just for snacks only, I have tons of food on my mind for dinner or lunch but that's for another post.

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