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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Typhoon Basyang

July 14, 2010

2:00 am
While Typhoon Basyang is bringing relentless rain and roaring winds, I'm stranded at a local noodle house. To make matter worst the power is out. The only light we had is from the the headlight of the owner's truck strategically shone in front of the glass display cases so that the whole dining area is illuminated. That allowed us to eat, and for me to scribble some blog drafts like these, while waiting for the rain to subside.

Almost exactly a year ago this was also the case. I'm also stranded, not in a noodle house but in a friend's house for the whole night. The power was also out and it was raining hard, occasionally. It then suddenly surprised me that if I haven't turned down an invitation tonight I would have been stranded with the same friend in the midst of Basyang's fury.

Come to think of it, these kind of setting and weather was always the catalyst on bringing me closer to a certain friend. During these times we nurtured and strengthened our bond from all the open talks and sharing.

3:27 am
it's almost three hours of non-stop raining. The rain started pouring much harder. The wind is howling much fiercer. And there's no sign of it subsiding soon. I'm still stranded here in the noodle house. I'm a little bit worried and scared. But on the other hand, times like these bring back fond memories. And because of that, it eases my mind, keeping me occupied and warms my heart. And that's something I'm thankful for nights like these.

Just my two cents.

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