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Friday, June 4, 2010

Farmville - one of Time's Worst Inventions

Time Magazine named Farmville one of 50 Worst Inventions. Well to hell with Time. I'm STILL having fun playing the game, or doing the mindless chores as Time puts it. In fact I just redesigned my farm again. Here are some photos.

Maison and Dog house Villa with my dogs

Grocery, French Cafe and Post office

School, Library and Playground

My revamped pond

My Tuscan Villa

My farm buildings

I remembered my post last year that I was getting bored with the game and I'm gonna quit soon. The trick for me was to plant crops that takes time to grow, e.g. 3-4 days so I don't need to check my farm everyday. And instead of filling the entire farm with crops to earn a lot of experience, I limited it to minimal and give way to decorations and buildings.

So FarmVille addicts, do you think FarmVille really deserve a spot on this list?

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