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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still Playing Farmville

I’m still playing Farmville, just want to complete my blue ribbons except for the ridiculous crop whisperer. I’ve been not visiting friend’s farms since I got the blue ribbon for. I also stopped harvesting my trees and animals when I got my zoologist and knock on wood blue ribbons. I’m just gearing up for the Cream of the Crop blue ribbon which is almost the number of flowers I need to harvest for the Flower Power blue ribbon. So it’s like shooting two birds with one stone.

It’s getting routine, Plow, seed then harvest; PhotobucketI’m really bored with the game. Save for some seasonal feature, items and upgrade that perk up my interest. Plus the game is getting way too long to load. Photobucket I noticed that it takes a lot of computer memory nowadays. I can’t multitask now the way I use to do before. So it won’t be long from now that I will quit. As soon as I have my ribbons I’ll quit playing this game, save for occasional visit to check for updates but I won’t be planting anymore crops.

Bye for now got to give in to the game I’m addicted du jour – Dragon Age Origins. Photobucket

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