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Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Christmas Wishlist

I made my Christmas wishlist just this morning and it's kinda late. My list is ever the same year after year, gadgets always fills the list.

  1. DSLR camera – my lust for this gadget got more when I saw Herbie’s photos of our hike on Pico de Loro. I really want one. onion emoticons*begs*
  2. PDA phone/ Smartphone – Palm preferably. An old crimson Treo 680 or a centro will do but money-wise, the new blackberry curve™ 8520 falls on the same price range. The prepaid kit is Php 13,990 on Smart while it is Php 15, 800 on Globe but includes super surf promo worth Php 1,200. That’s unlimited surfing and e-mail for a month. I am also drooling over the Samsung Corby Pro. It will be on sale on January 2010 for only Php 12,000. But if money is not a limit I want an iPhone 3GS. *grins*
  3. Netbook/Laptop – I finally have the family desktop PC for myself when tatay bought himself a laptop but I still want a netbook or a laptop I can lug anywhere. As long as I can type, enjoy some music, store some photos, it’s good for me. But come to think of it, a good PDA phone with a qwerty keypad can do all that plus more. An entry level netbook is almost the same price as a good PDA phone. If that’s the case, I’ll opt for the PDA phone. I’ll just buy some foldable keyboard and voila, PDA cum netbook.
  4. Amazon Kindle – another gadget that I like. Read about it on my previous post.
  5. Flip ultra HD video camera – I love it! as I am the barkada’s “unofficial” historian and custodian of all the snapshots of barkada’s eksenas and gimmicks. It will give my documenting of our gimmick up a notch. For review see Daphne Osena's review about the Flip.
  6. Vacation – simple overnight with someone on the nearest beach is on my mind. That includes dinner, some wine and bonfire and a lot of conversation. If that doesn’t doesn’t work out maybe a trip to the city plus a movie and dinner will do.onion emoticons
  7. Foot treatment – what I mean is a new sneaker/sandals/flip flops. For sneakers I have onion emoticonsSanuk SUV or Lacoste arixia plaid in mind. Any brand will do as long as it won’t make my feet look like Ronald mcdonald’s. I don’t like havainas and other flimsy flip flops as it will not outlast the heavy wear of activities I usually do. Think Tribu, Sandugo and Habagat. I’m still pondering if I can commit myself on running/walking for fitness so a running shoes might help me decide.
  8. New fragrance – Issey Miyake, bulgari, Ralph Lauren Romance, Bench colognes and scents, etc. Any scent that’s light and fresh will do.
  9. Bling bling – an earring or ring will do but a bracelet won’t hurt. I don’t care if it from Michelis, Filgrenesia, Silverworks or any shop. I just want one that is simple yet stylish.onion emoticons
  10. Shirt/jacket/polo – I do still have clothes in my closet that have tag on them but a new pair of pants, shirts, and jacket will do good. I like polos, graphic tees, bomber jackets, hoodies, and don’t forget accessories. A boost on my wardrobe is badly needed.
  11. Napsac from lug – two-in-one pillow and blanket set – It will be perfect when I travel and/or overnight trips. It’s handy too.
  12. New books - If the Amazon Kindle doesn’t fit your budget, good books will do. I love the scent of new books.
  13. Boyfriend – I don’t think I really need one but it doesn’t hurt to wish for one.Photobucket

So that's my Christmas wishlist for this year. Now stare at the image below and will give me my wishes.

onion emoticons

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