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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amazon Kindle

I wanted to blog about it the moment I read that released an International version and will be shipping to the Philippines. I just remembered it this afternoon when my sister asked me about it. She said Kris Aquino raved about this gadget last night on TV.

Well, basically Kindle is a wireless Ebook reader. It can store a whooping 1,500 books. And there's audiobooks too. You can have your newspaper, magazine and blogs delivered right into it, with a fee of course. Since it's 3g capable, you purchase and download anything from the Kindle store whenever, and wherever you want. Save you a trip on going on a bookstore.

It may cost around Php15,000 (plus tax and custom fees) but you still need to pay in US$. I think this is it's only disadvantage in owning one. You have to pay all those fees in US$ because you'll be buying all your books on Amazon US too. So say hello to US$ transactions on your credit card bills.

If you want to learn about the full specs click here. I don't want to elaborate more since there are a lot of blog posts and reviews about it. Here's one from Yugatech.

I like to have one but I think I still prefer the smell of new books.

Ta tah for now. I'll get back on reading Eclipse. Photobucket

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