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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well yeah, been on a hiatus since 2011 due to personal reasons. Detached myself from social networks both irl and online. Got addicted to online game Pockie NinjaTried to relaunch it with a new layout on early 2012 with the help of a friend, Chi, but failed since I got busy with my career. I’ve been attempting to drum up my enthusiasm to return to blogging ever since my birthday last 2012, but I feel the urge slipping more and more each week, as I try to balance work (lots of projects) and social life. 

I'm still trying to relaunch it till now by making small changes or adjustments to my blog by streamlining the layout from time to time. You should have noticed now that there is less clutter, no more shoutout box, the old header is gone, less icons and gifs. Pardon me for the small changes, but hey I'm no web design wizard, the whole layout and design of this blog is done by self-tutorial. So expect a little longer for me and this blog to be fully back on track.

Thanks so much for understanding and to the little of you left reading my blog, thank you. And know that while I may be quiet on here, I'm very busy IRL. Just follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates. Oh, I'm also trying to be active on Instagram.

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