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Friday, December 16, 2011

To do list: December 2011

While everyone is busy crossing their Christmas shopping list (love to do one but I'm a bum this year) or doing their Christmas wishlist (I just have one wish this Christmas), I made a TO DO List instead. I want the things I listed below done before the year turns.

To DO list

  1. Edit and Upload Cebu Bohol trip photos (I know, it's been over 2 months)
  2. Edit and Upload other photos and videos
  3. Speaking of photos, settle an issue with a friend regarding a camera :(
  4. Read, sort, delete emails (swamped, just scanning which are the important ones)
  5. Finish reading History's Strongest Disciple Kenich manga (currently on chapter 388, less than a hundred to go!)
  6. Watch downloaded TV series and movies that are taking up space on my HDD (Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries s3, The Walking Dead s2, etc)
  7. Organize wardrobe. (I want to take photos of each shirt, pants, shorts, etc for reference. So it'll be easy to identify which one are missing, yeah sometimes my OC switch goes on)
  8. Blog more (yeah I know I didn't blog these past months, or maybe a year or so, because I don't want to share stuff because some are not solely mine to share. :D Complicated is the one word to describe it all.)
  9. Though I want to complete Misa de Gallo this year, I missed this morning's mass. :(
  10. Tie loose ends with an old friend.

All these will probably take time since it's Christmas Season. And come January I need to secure the business permit of Pancit Balita. And hopefully *fingers crossed* my one prayer will be answered by that time. Ta tah~ Need to play Pockie Ninja then run an errand to the BIR and then Outing with M's friends.

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