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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kaway Pinoy on Pockie Ninja

I LOL'd when I saw this.

Talk about penalty for spamming. Hahaha. Here's another one.


That is just on server 11. They say it's worst on other servers. They say it's racism but for me it ain't. Some Filipino players claim this is about Pinoy pride. But pride on what? Breaking rules? Geez.

I can't blame other players ranting against "kaway pinoy" or like the below emoticon and it's other variations. When one started it, others will surely follow and the world chat will look like a screen from Matrix the movie and be flooded with all these kaway pinoy.

Oh because of that, we were on the verge of a huge country ban from the game because of our fellow pinoy gamers that cant or dont understand a very simple rule of an international game - No Spamming. (Oh yeah the system notice looks like a spam too as it frequently broadcast about this rule)


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1 comment:

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