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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sudden Tagaytay Road Trip

Woke up from a call from a friend this morning, told me to be ready within half an hour and then he'll pick me up. Hungover from last night's drinking, I quickly hit the shower and dressed up casually. The next thing I knew after him picking me up was were going to Tagaytay JUST to have lunch (lucky I wore jeans). Apparently he called and texted a few friends earlier and invited them to come with us. And there we are popping on each of their door to pick them up. Some just woke up and haven't got the time to shower but still came with us because if they don't hop on the van that time, we're gonna leave them.

We had Tagaytay Bulalo, crispy pata and crispy fried tawilis for lunch. In short we had a feast. We were so hungry we forgot to take decent photos of the food. Since we are already in Tagaytay, we went to Palace in the Sky right after we dropped by at a grocery to pick up some food and drinks. There we had an impromptu picnic and camwhored. We stopped for coffee and camwhored some more before going home. I love the excitement and fun that unplanned trips brings, you never knew where's the next stop or what you gonna do.

And without further ado, camwhores here are the photos from this afternoon trip. Just click on the photo to view the album.

Sudden Tagaytay Road Trip

GTG, we still have some leftover drinks that we bought from the grocery this afternoon and we're planning to have them to cap the night off.

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