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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nikkita's Wine House

There's a new watering hole in this side of town.

It is hard to define this hole, yet, since it just opened last two weeks and the there were always changes in the place every time I visit. A friend of mine just happened to know the owner, Mr. Farley Tumbaga, and he shared with us his plans for the place.

He wants his "baby," (what he refers his business as) to be a place where people can chill and relax. He plans to put up more tables and chairs outside the store every weekend. I learned that there were already some company sponsoring some big umbrellas/canopies. He's gonna decorate the place with some torches to add atmosphere and light. Aside from that he plans to put up speakers and sound system that will play groove and chill music. Al fresco drinking with friends and chill music as background, what a good way to unwind after a week's work.

It is located just outside the town proper (near I.B. Calingasan Memorial Institution) and it's hard to miss because of it's newly put-up signage.

Depending on your taste-bud, you can select from the good quality and variety of alcohol and liquors they have in store you want to drink outside. Alternatively, if you are a lone-ranger, you can just get a bottle of beer. They also sell imported chips and snacks to accompany your choice of drinks.

Don't be fooled by this display, local alcohol such as GSM Blue, The Bar, Emperador Light and even the "bilog" are available for sale.

Since its opening, we had patronize this place numerous times. We always start the night with a hard drink and wash it down with beer afterwards.

To add to this, the owner is very friendly and accommodating. It makes it a lot easier to get comfortable. Here we are with him and one of his patron that we met and shared drinks with that night. Trivia, he's also in a band, he's the vocalist. And they already have an album. I still haven't heard the tracks though (note to myself, borrow Marco's copy.)

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