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Monday, March 14, 2011

In a relationship, and it's complicated

We'll that's just my shirt says.

I had my eye on this statement tees the first time I saw them which was August last year. You know I love statement shirts. They are cool, unique and really a conversation opener. So last month (yes it took me that long, I was cautious on buying online on Facebook and Multiply users except for those who really are established sellers) I ordered them on-line and two days after, lo and behold this package came in time for V-day.

I ordered two shirts to take advantage of the free shipping sale that time. It saved me a Php 100 peso on shipping fee.

By the way, I wore this last Valentine's.

I even asked some people if they would to change my "relationship status." I told them they can easily change it to "in a relationship and it's complicated" if we go out on a date that night. Of course I didn't tell them I had another shirt ready. Hahaha.

As for now I'm still eyeing on a statement shirt ala Twitter message. It's personalized from the photo profile to the usernames and the 140 character message. Will post about it as soon as I get my hands on it.

Oh yeah, in case your wondering if I've changed shirts last V-day, the answer is no. I spent the whole V-day in the company of good friends, singles and attached. Had lunch at my place and some movies. Then drinks later that night. My friends poked the "like" box on my shirt. My left ribs was a little sore from receiving a lot of "likes."

I didn't had the chance to wear the "In a relationship, and it's complicated" tee last V-day but who knows, maybe this summer. And as Gossip Girl say "they say summer love is fleeting, but sometimes, what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing."

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