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Friday, February 18, 2011

Di bale ng matakaw wag lang magnanakaw!

I dropped my wallet on a jeepney last Tuesday on my commute to work. Tried to run after the jeep but no luck. I was devastated, not because of the cash I've lost but all of my important IDs, my PRC License which I just renewed last October, my Driver's license, my ATMs, and other cards and stuff was there.

Ugh, I imagined all the effort, time and money I need just to secure a new PRC and driver's license. It's all these hassles that made feel really bad losing my wallet. I'll have to file an affidavit of loss, then off to Manila for PRC ID, Tagaytay for the driver's license and all the pre requisite steps I need to do before securing one. No to mention I really need to be there as early as 5 am to queque.

I was lucky though, I found out that I had the change from the fare in my pocket. I also found some loose change in my bag making my total cash a peso shy of the fare to work.

When I reached work I was literally penniless. Ni singkong duling wala ako! Hahaha! I quickly went to the issuing bank of my atm and filed a lost card and withdrawed some cash over the counter. Glad I always keep my company ID in my bag because I rarely pin it. It was all I presented to make the transaction. I know I have to give them an an affidavit of loss, but they didn't asked for one. Yey, less hassle.

I had a late lunch since I had no appetite. By that time I was resigned that I can't get back my IDs since I had no contact numbers in any of them (life lesson learned). The one thing I was hoping is that they do send those IDs via snail mail or pay me a visit on my home address, which I know is a farfetched idea since I lost my wallet way far from home.

When I got back to my desk, I saw I have two messages on my Facebook. I was flabbergasted when I opened my inbox and found these:

click for larger image

I was ecstatic and still can't believe what happened. I quickly replied with my number and they called me right away. That afternoon my friend, who happened to be nearby because of some business, accompany me to their place and picked up my wallet with my IDs. I tried to give something in return but they refused. I insisted but they still refused.

I'm grateful to them for what they did. They got a great moral compass and took great lengths on reaching me and returning my wallet to me. I was really lucky that the daughter of the man who found my wallet is Internet savvy and on Facebook.

Here's a shoutout of the kid whose father found my wallet.

So true. Thanks again to her and her family's kindness. People like them who do these little act of kindness reassure us there are kind people in this world.

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