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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2076 after 9

Finally after almost a decade my friends way back from College had the time to meet again. Just in time before two of them leave for their job overseas. It's been so long since the last time I saw them. We lived in the same compound, and their apartment (#2076 Elias St. Sta. Cruz, Manila) is just across mine (#2075) which I shared with my cousins. I literally lived with them; I eat, sleep and study on their apartment. I can say that my apartment was just my bathroom and closet where I shower and change clothes. LOL

Group Shot

This is Ed. The last time, and first time after I graduated in 2002, we talked was way back in 2005 when he surprised me by playing a prank on the phone. I later found out he got my number from a friend. We arranged to meet but since he was in the country for just a week and I just started working, it never happened. I looked for ways to contact him (remember this?) just so I can get back on him for his prank. Hahaha. Though my post in friendster yielded an answer, I failed on playing a prank on him. Calling someone aboard a ship is complicated and not to mention expensive. I did try twice though and the answering machine ate all up my credits before I had the chance to even hear him say "hello." :(

Fast forward to present day. Surreal would be the one word that best describes the feeling I had finally meeting Ed after 9 years. He didn't aged at all, well apart from he gained a few pounds, which is not bad at all. I could go on and on describing the every detail of that fleeting meeting with him but I think it deserves a post of it own. Anyway here is a slideshow I made from those photos taken from the reunion.

To view all the photos click.
2076 Elias Reunion

See you guys at the end of the year for another reunion. Hope all of you will be coming.

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