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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Win Starbucks Planner 2011 Velvet from

Win a Velvet Starbucks 2011 Planner from by just answering her simple question:

What crazy adventures in mind or in store do you have for 2011?

Be creative and win this:

For full contest mechanics click HERE.

Anyway here's my entry:

After reading her question my mind was flooded with a lot of crazy ideas I look out for this 2011. This year is monumental as I'm turning 30 this year. I need to do cross a lot of things in my bucket list ASAP.

1. Road trip with friends up North, think about Baguio, Sagada, Ilocos, etc (calling Allan, Tuge, Myco)
2. Vacation down South. After seeing Puerto Princesa last year. I want to see Bohol, Davao or Cebu this year. (CebPac piso sale please)
3. Backpacking on a budget across the Philippines and trying exotic foods that I will come along with (like this)onion emoticons
4. Quit my current job, and seek employment abroad just for the thrill of it and also look for love and elope (dami kasing echuserang palaka dito sa Pinas eh, baka dun pa me chance)
5. Get inked! (I almost had one last year but I backed out last minute)
6. Have a baby with a baby maker (I'm turning 30 this year and still my parents haven't got any grand kids. Also I don;t want such a large age gap between me and my future child) Oh yeah this is on my bucket list)

There's a lot of crazy things I'm planning to do before my 30th birthday in October but these ideas are what come forth and I need to cross off my bucket list ASAP. And I know the last one is far crazy and overboard for some, but yeah I'm thinking of it and very into it if opportunity comes. But I think the craziest thing I have in mind this year is actually having theses ideas mull into my mind and see them come in fruition spontaneously. These ideas are crazy on itself and far crazier when done spontaneously, hitting me straight in the the face with all the thrill and excitement and other things that come along in doing them. Carpe diem in 2011! onion emoticons

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