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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where's Prosti?

"Where you been?" or "what are you up to these days?" are the usual questions I got from friends and acquaintances these past few weeks, right before the holidays to be exact. And my usual answer was "I am busy..... busy working." After my reply sunk into their head, I relish the fun just by looking on their flabbergasted faces. Imagine after 3 years of being unemployed (though I helped in the family business, it doesn't count as it is not a formal employment) and bumming around I finally decided to work again professionally. Not that I give in to all the prodding of friends and family, I just felt it was time to stop dilly-dallying about some matters. And I might add, the timing was perfect. Photobucket

Though I prefer to work near my hometown, currently I'm working as a librarian in a College on the other side of Batangas. And that means I'm always absent from social gatherings, birthdays, parties, etc. And to make things worst, my new work schedule now is Tuesdays to Saturdays. onion emoticons

As a netizen I was virtually absent too. It's almost three weeks, and still we don't have Internet connection at the library. Luckily I do have a USB Internet dongle. But because of the limited speed and intermittent connection, especially during the day (I'm thinking of getting a wi-free service,) I usually get frustrated and limit my time on just checking on my emails and taking a quick peek on my social networking sites. BTW I am a heavy browser, at least a dozen tabs are open simultaneously, imagine browsing using a slow connection.Photobucket

And speaking of where am I, here's a photo I clipped and scanned from a newspaper taken during the 2nd Pepsi Ayos Pinas Beach Cleanup. I'm one of the volunteers, can you find me?

Click on the photo for a larger image. I'm still waiting for my friends' response, they are sponsoring some contests and giveaways here in my blog so watch out for it.

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