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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plurk Cake

Remember my little cake last birthday? Or rather my cupcake. :) This li'l cake from plurk reminded me to buy one for a friend because I saw one on his name the other day.

Pakk! I got a trip to the city planned this week (I hope my paycheck is ready today as it is way over delayed, nu ba yan 2011 na!onion emoticons) because of my lappie's internal speaker is wonky. Can't figure out if it's hardware or software based problem. And I need to pick up it's drivers and installers. And if time permits, I'm gonna pick up some contest prizes I've won along the way. :)

And speaking of birthdays, It's B's birthday today. Happy Birthday B! Hope to see you again and my goddaughter. (That reminds me to pick up a gift for her, I wonder what) onion emoticons

I dunno why I have penchant for little cakes, maybe large cakes for me are overrated. I think one can have cup cakes relative to their age with candles on each instead of a large cake. There will be a lot option in regards to flavor, frosting, etc. Ugh all this talk about cupcake makes me hungry.

Ta~ tah. Off to breakfast.

:P~ Oh yeah, happy birthday too Kuya Egay!

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