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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas wish this year: A NOKIA C7

Why I do deserve a spanking brand new Nokia C7 for Christmas?

Simple, all of this:

to this:
Yep, the first photo are my blogging arsenal. We'll most of my blog drafts are written using these till I go to a cafe to publish them. Blame it on my net connection and cranky desktop.

This hands me down Nokia 6610i is from my mom, and it serves as my camera du jour. She brought the digicam I've been using to her trip to the States and that left me with her old but trussty Nokia 6610i. If you've been reading my blogs, you probably noticed that I barely upload photos these days. And with that I deserve to win the Nokia C7 to help me in capturing those spur of the moments blog worthy events because with the Nokia C7, you can capture high-quality photos and HD video using the 8 megapixel camera! Who needs a seperate digital camera when it's already on your phone. Oh la la. And with 8GB of on board memory and expandable memory up to another 32GB via microSD expansion, Camwhorage ON.

Here are some newspapers which I read on daily basis. It helps me updated and also helps me find inspiration for my next blog post.

I deserve a Nokia C7 because it will really keep me updated because it's full Wi-Fi online connectivity is great for browsing the Web on the move. Gonna save those News Feed. And not only it'll keep me updated on current events but also to my circle of friends and other networks because social networks are already integrated on the phone. Tweet, plurk, facebook, foursquare, Yes I'm a social media whore.

Here is a pen and paper I'm always using to scribble notes, ideas and the likes.

I deserve a Nokia C7 because I can type faster in a qwerty keypad rather than scribble them on a paper. We never know when those worthy ideas will pop up on our head. With this phone, it will be my own Post it Notes. LOL

Here is my first and last smartphone, a Palm Tungsten W. I'm still using this even though it's mobile capability died on me and it's battery life faltering. I loaded my it with a lot of applications.

I deserve a Nokia C7 because I think this smartphone had served me well enough to give it a rest. Oh yeah and because of Symbian 3, I can easily multitask and run multiple apps without sacrificing battery life. This is where it packs the punch! And since it runs on Symbian 3 I can customise my it to suit my taste or mood. And speaking of applications, the C7 have access to the hundreds of Apps and more from Ovi Store. Buffet!

I deserve the Nokia C7 because of these reasons and because I think I really need now an upgrade in my blogging arsenal. And the Nokia C7 will be my best ever butler.


I deserve the Nokia C7 because I CAN!


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