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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How badly do you want the BlackBerry Curve 3G!

Badly enough to post two consecutive blog posts!

Yugatech is giving a BB Curve too! And I'm running out of time. Here are my entries

Photo 1
Caption: I'll climb the top of Pico de Loro Mountain and have a photo of me wearing ONLY my birthday suit. And the best way to capture and share it as it happens on my blog and other social networking sites is by using that Blackberry Curve 3G you're giving away. These friends of mine have done it but I've chickened out, but this time I'm doing it without qualms for that Blackberry. Oh yeah I'll hold a banner thanking Yugatech.

Photo 2

Caption: I'll wear this Transformer Optimus Prime helmet/mask and drive and stroll around on bike on the busiest part of town (in Public Market, jeep and bus Terminal, and other landmarks) for that Blackberry Curve 3G! I'll hold a banner thanking you, Yugatech, and document and blog it ala Danny Choo using that BB. So gimme the tool in making it happen!

Photo 3

Caption: I'll recreate this spur of the moment shot with my boyfriend. But this time, it's that Blackberry Curve 3G you're giving away we're holding onto symbolizing that it's the gadget keeping us connected even if he is now married. Hah! This will also show that some bonds really knows no boundaries. ♥

So there, please Yugatech let my 2011 starts with a bang with that one sleek gadget on my hand and see me do one of these dares and post it on my blog. onion emoticons Oh yeah, this BB will be one helluva upgrade from all the gadgets I'm using for blogging - an old cranky desktop with a globe tattoo, (ugh, I just make drafts here and do the posting at a cafe) my Nokia 6610i which serves as my camera du jour (my mom brought the digicam I'm always using) and my planner and pen. Also I want to see posts in my blog with "This post uploaded via BBMobile" tarush de vah?! hahaha!


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