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Friday, December 24, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

When you unboxed the Lenovo IdeaPad G460 last month my mind was already swimming (it's more on drowning from my own bodily fluids because I was salivating to own it LOL) in ideas on what fun things I can do with it. Based on your post about it specs and with a little help of bestfriend Google here is my list of fun things I can do with that spanking laptop:

1. Just by merely booting up the system I'll have fun goofing up on front of the camera because of its VeriFace software where the user can login by simply looking at the camera. I'll have a blast of time making faces and see if it still recognize me. Camwhorage!

2. After booting up, I'll see if anybody's wifi network is on and try to connect to the web. If I do, I'll be one helluva wifi leech by downloading a lot. Thanks God for neighbor's WiFi. LOL

3. And speaking of downloading, It'll be worry free because the Lenovo G460 sports the OneKey Rescue System. If the lappie become infected with a virus, I can recover the operating system to the last uninfected working state. that allows users to keep incremental data backups. How fun is that?! Deadmalu ever chou kung me virus la loo ang mga files, gow lang ng gow sa pagkadownload. (translation: I don't care if the files are infected with virus, on with the downloading)

4. While I'm downloading I surely can multitask easily since it's powered by Intel Core i3. Beats boredom by browsing anything on the web, check; video call to connect with my love ones abroad, check; edit photos and video clips, check; destroy some zombies in Plants vs Zombies, Check! I bet my boyfriend that this lappie won't stutter even when I have several heavy apps running.

5. I'll surely have fun video editing, post processing pictures, watching movies, playing games because of its 14" LCD screen. I love converting those video clips and processed photos into movies (mind you they are not scandals LOL) because they are always well recieved.

6. With a 512MB Nvidia GeForce G310M chipset, there will be an added oomph when it comes to video rendering and gaming I so love. (add to download list: Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

7. After I downloaded all those files and created those home made vids, I can easily share them with my family and friends because it has a eSATA port. That means faster data transfers of my files. When I want to show off my home made vids I can easily do so because the laptop has a HDMI port for streaming to external displays. I can use my friend's projector and his room's white wall to watch my videos or some movies I've downloaded. Ang shala di bah!

8. It's equipped with Lenovo Energy Managament 5.0, which extends battery life. This factor will surely spell more F-U-N. More battery life = More FUN on the go, nuff said.

9. I love blogging and I have fun sharing my life in this little piece of cyberspace I fondly call "prosti". And with that laptop and it's specs, it will surely take my blogging capability a hundred fold. I can finally say goodbye to my hand me down desktop PC because with the Lenovo IdeaPad G460, I can get all the benefits of a full pledged PC. Blogging will be easier anytime and anywhere!

10. There are still lot of fun things I can do with that brand new Lenovo IdeaPad G460. It is entertainment on the go. With it's hardy chassis, I can surely have no worry in bringing it to almost anywhere I go. And that is another FUN factor for me. And surely it'll withstand my heavy use. But i think the LAST FUN thing to do with that brand new laptop is really owning it by winning because It'll give me one helluva bragging rights. :) Hahaha

Wow, it's almost Christmas, this wraps up my official entry to the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Gotta hit the kitchen. ta tah~


Santa I've been a good gay this year, so please help me win this one heck of gadget.

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