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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheesy Moment

I was out malling with a friend when I was approached by a girl, an old acquaintance of mine from college. After a little chat we parted ways.

Me: Ain’t she beautiful? I got my eyes on her ever since I met her in College.
Friend: Uhmmmm, She’s okay.
Me: Just okay?! She’s pretty and got a body plus she’s brainy. No offense, Geez your standards among women are really weird.
Friend: Must be. Cause your pretty weird.
Me: huh? *puzzled look*
Friend: *Smiles*

Honestly I didn’t get at first. I did a double take before getting what he really meant. Upon realizing it I felt my hair grew. Tang na ang haba ng hair ko mga teh! Hahaha

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