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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Thank you!

I’m 29 now. Though I didn’t celebrate my birthday on the exact date, or with a bash like the previous year, this birthday was an unforgettable one. Unforgettable in many good ways. My sister and father treated me to a Palawan Vacation. (Gonna cross it off my bucket list) I had a lot of surprises too as well. Thank you Manila Reviews for this:

(I’m gonna take a photo of the shirt soon)

Went to picked it up on my birthday right after coming back to Manila from my vacation. I just learned from them that it was available for pick up a week before my Birthday.

I also had my birthday cake.

The way I like my birthday cake to be - A cupcake complete with a teeny weeny candle. Though I think I have said or broached the idea to a lot of people, I never expected I get one. I just had a bite out of it and I was saving it to take some close up photos but too bad my younger sister ate all of it. And the other cupcake as well. >.<

Sunset + San Miguel by the Bay + beer + cake + close friend = Priceless.


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