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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thanks Sam for the undies!

Special shoutout thanks to my friend Sam for giving me this last birthday:

He actually gave me this last year. I already did made a draft post back then but I forgot to publish it. And since my birthday was a week ago, I think it's the right time to publish it. Thanks thanks! Loving it~ ♥

Ok, ok this post is also an excuse. I just saw the photo above in my drop box. I am currently using 99.97% of my free storage from Google. I need to upgrade my storage to upload more photos in my Picasa Web Album. As for now I can`t upload the rest of my Palawan trip photos, and that makes me frustrated and unproductive virtually.

As of now I need a credit card, which I don`t have, to pay for the $5 upgrade fee. Heck it`s just Php 200. All I need is just a credit card. My sis`s ccs are maxed out, or so she say. I`m gonna try my cousin. So I`m off.

Ta tah for now.

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