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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New on Facebook

In spirit of truly creating an e-community for Nasugbuenos, I will delete the old group to give way to a new Facebook group of the same name but with some added features such as group chat.

And since currently Facebook cannot convert an old group into the new group design, this left me no choice to create a new group. I will delete the old group in the near future to avoid duplicity.

Anyway here are some new features of the new Groups design:
  • Group Chat: You can chat with multiple other members of a group in real-time on Facebook Chat.
  • Docs: The new design has a shared notepad, which allows you to collectively write and edit notes with a group.
  • Mailing list-style notifications: Keep up-to-date with other group members through a variety of notification options, like subscribing to notifications or emails about any posts in the group, or any posts made by their friends.
I hope these new features will help the group of it aim to create a network among Nasugbuenos all over the world and to reconnect them by means of interaction with old friends, relatives, and even to meet new friends.

Please help me spread the word and keep on inviting fellow Nasugbuenos to the new group. Click here to join the new group. If the link won't work, search on Facebook and look for the profile below.

PLEASE Join US too at:


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