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Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Pepsi Ayos Pinas Beach Cleanup

Yey, after being postponed, the 2nd Pepsi Ayos Pinas Beach Clean up was a roaring success. Even the weather cooperated, the sky was overcast during the clean up and it only rained right after during free time.

The activity cleaned up the shores and mangroves of Papaya, Calayo and Hamilo cove. Volunteer divers also cleaned Santelmo and Etayo Cove of garbage and Crown of Thorns of starfish. (Check diver Jayvee Fernandez blog post: Harvest, to learn more about his diving experience with these creatures on the first Beach clean up) At the end of the activity we collected and sorted more than 6,000 pcs of trash.

Pico de Loro Team

Trash collected by Team Pico de Loro. We collected the most trash in terms of weight.

Proud Team Pico member.

Pepsi conducted this beach cleanup in partnership with the Hamilo Coast residential and leisure community, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) and Ocean Conservancy. (That explains why Hamilo cove was one of the beach to be cleaned, and not the other coves which DO really need a clean up. I'm just saying this because a fellow volunteer who knew I was a local asked me why)

Anyway this activity also coincided with the Ocean Conservancy’s 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup

Sponsors of the 2nd Pepsi Beach Clean Up

My photos of the event

I got no decent photos of the actual clean up because I came there as volunteer though in the registration I saw that they indicated me as a blogger. Anyway, there were lots of media men that were invited by Pepsi to document the event. I'll just wait for their photos to be posted. At the time of this writing these are the only photos available:

If you want to be an Ayos Pinas! Volunteer visit and register at

There are still future beach cleanup and Bottle School build where you can join.

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