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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got a business idea?

Do you have any business idea for Nasugbu? I’m thinking of starting a business rather than working. Nanay brought up the idea a year ago but it is only now I just started to ponder and maybe get serious with the idea. I will have my parents and aunts to back my possible plans. Also there are some of my friends who are willing to invest too. But still I can’t or we can’t think of anything feasible here in Nasugbu.yoyo emoticons

First thing that comes to my mind is always a bar or a watering hole which my folks are heavily opposed of. Nightlife here in Nasugbu sucks. The closing of El 5 last last year was like the end of partying for Nasugbuenos. There are no other “decent” bar here where you can have some drinks, dance, sing in the videoke sans GROs. I also got the wild idea of establishing the first gay bar. There are a lot of PLU (people like us, as rainbow bloggers collectively call people of the third sex) here in Nasugbu and as well as the neighboring town, why cash in on that fact. There are bars operating here that cater to the male population of Nasugbu why not have one that cater for the opposite sex and the third sex? yoyo emoticons I’m sure I’ll get into a lot of trouble before I can make this plan into a reality, especially with the church and the conservative citizens, yoyo emoticons so I might just set aside this plan for now.

The thought of bringing organic food here in Nasugbu is also an idea that I consider. I might source organic products and sell them here. Introduce a healthy lifestyle to Nasugbuenos. Alongside this I can allot a small space where people can dine on organic food, like that of Hacienda Zabarte. Just simple dishes that can be whipped up in no time and not fancy ones. But I don’t want to venture into a restaurant business cause there is already established restaurant here like Kainan sa Dalampasigan, Bistro, Joy’s Kitchen, Jollibee, Café Nasugbu, Fame da Lupo, and Chowking as the latest addition. Plus there is also my Aunt’s Pancit Balita. And it’s too big for a start. I just want a small business to start with. I want something a coffee shop size. But I don’t want a coffee shop only cause there is Yoh-Man’s café and the newly opened Jack’s Café at Total gas station. What I want is more of a deli shop, a quaint place which sells cold cuts, sandwiches, salads, specialty breads and of course drinks. yoyo emoticons

Another idea I have is to have an event organizer here in Nasugbu. Handle events, weddings, do logistics. That sounds marketable here. I don't know anyone locally that work as an event organizer. Hmmm.yoyo emoticons

Some suggested I open my own computer shop but scrap that idea, I know there are way toooo many computer shops here in Nasugbu.

Some other idea on my mind is water station, but then again there are too many water stations around town.

Carwash? Practical since the other carwash closed down but getting a feasible site of business will be a problem. yoyo emoticons

I’m running out of ideas here, so a little help guys, tell me what’s on your mind. yoyo emoticonsI’m open to any ideas so if you do have send me an- e-mail or leave me a comment.

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