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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Watched the third installment of the twilight saga - Eclipse last July 4, I know this review is way way overdue but my draft for the review was saved in a friend's netbook and it took me a while to get my hands on it.

Enough of the excuses, here's my short, as in short review on the movie. Even though I hungrily read all the book, I can't say the movies got the same effect on me. For me the movie is ok, as compared to the feeling i have from reading the book. Reading really stimulates the imagination and the mind. It's not really a visual treat for me except for Edward, the eternally shirtless Jacob yoyo emoticons and the wolf pack who provided the eye candy and what kept me into my seat, aside from the fact who I watched it with. I noticed too that the newborn army leader is cute but too bad he'll not return on the sequel because he's dead. Hahaha. *note to self: google him. But the lines were great. They were witty and humorous. Especially the Jacob-Edward rivalry in the tent scene. Edward's "Doesn't he owns a shirt?" to Jacob's "let's face it, I'm hotter than you" verbal tussle filled the whole cinema with giggles and laughter. And yes, it is the far the most action packed of the Twilight saga.

For me it's far the best among the three "Twilight" movies. I wonder if Breaking Dawn the movie will deliver more. As it is my favorite book in the series because of the Volturis versus the Cullens and friends. LOL. I wonder how they would recreate and bring back to life the breath taking fight scenes between the immortals.

Quick Notes:

Two great looking supernaturals fighting over a mere mortal girl. (hmmmmm, the movie somehow mirrors someone's life somehow)

Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard, replaced Rachelle Lefevre) I'm more into the former Victoria than the one who replaced her. She somewhat exudes the villain aura though she had a gorgeous face.

Dakota fanning as jane. I am a big fan of her role in the book so I really like to see her more in the next two movies.

The OST is great. *will download the album later

And before I end my review, i would like to share my favorite line in the movie - Jacob's "I'm going to fight for you until your heart stops beating."

SM Dasma
July 4,2010
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