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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Princess Gone Wild

Been to the casino last weekend and there's a particular slot machine that favored me well. Its named as Princess Gone Wild. To those who aren't familiar with slot machines let me enlighten you a little. There's always some special bonus rounds that gives (or promises) extra winnings. As for the slot machine I'm talking about it goes on the bonus round when both the two frog fairy godmothers appears on the reel. It will then automatically give ten free spins. And to make the bonus round more exciting, when the three princess gone wild icon, whatsoever it's called, appears simultaneously on the middle reel you get to choose from the ten princes which randomly gives another 10 or 20 free spins or a +1 prize multiplier. So if your lucky you can get a total of 40 free spins and a +8 multiplier. Imagine your winning of 1 hundred bucks multiplied by eight. And that's only for a single line. Imagine if you made bet for all the fifty lines. Photobucket

Anyway for a better understanding here's a video of the bonus round I found on YouTube.

Enough of the briefing, back to the story. The fairy godmothers was so kind to me that it constantly appear on my reel and I was winning a couple of hundreds from the bonus rounds. Not bad for a bet of just five bucks. onion emoticons. I don't go to casino to gamble, I'm just there to hang out and bond with some friends and family, TQM as some friends puts it. And yes for the food. onion emoticonsHahaha.

I stopped gambling when my winnings was halved. I was determined not to gamble anymore but a friend insisted me to gamble more while waiting for the others, so I gave in. BTW someone just won the jackpot while we are having dinner. A whooping half a million pesos for just twenty bucks of bet. In the end I've lost my winnings and lost a couple hundreds too. But I can say it's all worth the bucks. The company of your loved ones and some good food, I can say I got a great bang out of my bucks.

Cue music: I wanna be a billionaire

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