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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nuffnang Innit New look

Nuffnang Innit has a facelift. I loooove the separate country views features. It's now easier to see blog posts from the Philippines. onion emoticons The category views features make it much easier to sift through all those blog posts.

Not every facelift is appreciated, though it's easier to navigate and explore on the latest on the blogosphere, there's some things I hate about the new look. First, it loads very slow. onion emoticons Second, I hate that the letters in captcha are too small. onion emoticons It took me a couple of tries before getting the right word. I hope they consider on making it more readable. And lastly as a chatter, I prefer the old chat box where you can chat and view new posts at the same time and also the lag. The messages are delayed.

Though it's only a few days old, there's already a lot of mixed reactions about the new layout from fellow bloggers. But let us give the Nuffnang Innit technical team a chance to fix these things we complain about and also a pat on their back on making an effort to improve the site. *claps* Photobucket

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