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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hold on

"I spoke to my fingers this morning; they said they miss being held by yours."

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"The first time we were together you held my hand all night and never wanted to let go. It was sweet.

Except for you and me being happy together, it seems that holding on was never an option. It was confusing.

I wanted to let go but holding me tight you said “Huwag mo ko bibitawan ha.” It was tempting.

But then I thought “Ang hirap hawakan ng isang bagay na alam na alam mong mawawala din lang sayo.” It was painful.

Gladly, you continue to grasp my hand. So until you cling on even with a finger and give me reason not to let go, I will be with you. Hoping that someday we will not just be holding hands but hugging each other tight.

Just hold on. And promise… I won’t let go."

An excerpt from my sister's Tumblr post.

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