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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cebu Pacific for the chosen juan seat sale

Woooot! onion emoticons I booked two tickets for Palawan during the Cebu Pacific's for the chosen Juan seat sale last week . I missed their Piso Sale promo which sells all seats for php 1.00. There also should be Davao trip too but alas I can't book a flight for a weekend on the time I tried to. Tch, If only my travel buddy decided earlier I could have booked that weekend flight. Anyway there's always a next time. Cebu Pacific is always having these kind of sales and im looking forward for their next one.

I booked two round trip tickets for just only Php 317.60 (US$$6.80), including taxes and surcharges. I also tried to book a round trip flight for Singapore and got a Php 3,800 (US$80.70) fare. That's less the Php 1,620 (US$34.80) travel tax. I want to go back there, I miss the hawker foods; chicken rice, carrot cake, laksa, etc. Too bad I don't have enough funds for the trip. Time to really look for a job, which actually I'm doing right now. I'll try it next time when I contacted my friends there and help me find a cheap accommodation. And while I'm there, I'm gonna try my luck too in finding a job like what my batch mates from the International Practicum Training Program did.

onion emoticons Yahoo! I'm celebrating half of my birthday at Palawan. And prolly half of it with the company of friends.

Ta tah for now. I'm gotta search the web for tours and accommodation. Gotta plan this trip. :) BTW I'm open to your suggestions guys. Leave me a cpmment ot send me an e-mail.

Check for future promos.

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