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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark Waters

Close friends are wondering what got into me why I’m venturing out on the open sea and kayaking these past weekends. They know me that deep dark waters gives me shiver. I know how to swim but the thought that I can’t see the seabed or anything I can hold onto makes me panic. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown.

So every time I went kayaking and when the water turns dark green and I can’t see through it, fear creeps in. onion emoticons When that happens I just look on the horizon, admire the beauty around me, and I focus on paddling to reach a favorable spot or the nearest point where the sea meets the land. I get into a zone that my instinct to live kicks in. And also during these times I find solace from all the drama. So there’s the secret why I’m always ahead of the group and what keeps me motivated to paddle. onion emoticons

Though nursing sore muscles and sunburned skin onion emoticons is nothing compared to nursing a sore heart, at least the former makes my mind off from the latter.

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