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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tubong Nasugbu

I found thisFacebook group composed of fellow Nasugbuenos called Tubong Nasugbu. I thought this would be like others Facebook group that after being established tends to stagnate, save for enlisting new members. But on the other hand this group is dynamic. The creator fosters an engaging atmosphere for the members. There are discussions and members tend to share stories and photos, recent and old ones. Take a look of some here.

After browsing and reading through some threads, especially the wall, it made me realize how much Nasugbu had changed. How I miss the Tatlong Maria, the old plaza where the town fair was annually held, the white sand beaches that was open to the public, and other thing that characterized the old Nasugbu.

Anyway, kudos to Jaq Cab for creating and maintaning the group. onion emoticons

Got any Nasugbu story to share? Then click here.

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