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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome Summer

My friends at the café officially kicked off summer these past two weekends. All of us know that the best way to welcome summer is going to the beach. But for us, we didn’t just hit the beach, we went kayaking from cove to another cove or from a beach to another here in Nasugbu.

The first weekend was the perfect setting for kayaking. The sea was calm, it was overcast and the wind is not blowing. The trip back and forth was really a breeze. But last week it was like a trial, the wind was blowing so the sea is a little chappy, the tide was starting to ebb so we need to evade the reefs because the waves can easily toss us out of the kayak. BTW we are using sit on top kayak so it's fairly easy for us to become overboard.yoyo emoticons

Anyway, I do like waves, as long as it not over three feet. It's fairly easy to paddle when wave riding. We experienced it when were paddling back home. Also there is the whitewater ride especially when landing. I got a perfect picture of Allan doing it.

Click read more to see more photos

Anyway here's where we went on our two trips. First stop is Interlink

From Open sea kayaking

The famous payong-payong as our background.

Ampay – we didn’t have pictures here because we just had quick lunch and it was high noon and there's no ample shade for shelter. We really haven’t planned on landing here because of the rocky beach but due to the strong wind and paddling against the current we were forced to make a stop over here to rest.

Kawayan Cove

It's where Rica Peralejo’s wedding was held. Check their video. I so love it. onion emoticons

Carla (Rica) Peralejo and Joe Bonifacio's Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

From Kayaking March 27

There's an underwater cave there on the background where they dived. I chickened out because of the sharp stones and oyster shells, plus possible snakes when surfacing inside the cave.

and Terrazas de Punta Fuego

This is where we rest most before paddling home.

That's the Amara en Terrazas. It's an exclusive seaside residential resort condominium.

And we just passed by at Canyon Cove where the upcoming ABS-CBN’s Isla was filmed. As much as we want to set foot here, it's restricted.

Next stop, we're planning to have a kayak trip from Calayo cove to Nasugbu Bay. Or from Barangay Papaya to Barangay Patungan where we will pass by the coves of the famous Hamilo. They're also considering Taal lake, which they say is fairly easy because we will be paddling downstream. As of now I really want to sleep so ta-tah. onion emoticons

To view all the photos click and click. Word of advice, there are some camwhores in our first trip. LOL

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