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Saturday, February 6, 2010

PBB Big 5 bets

I don’t regularly watch Pinoy Big Brother. I usually catch it on channel 23 (PBB Raw) when I’m having my brunch and when I hangout a friend’s place (PBB Primetime).

Anyway now that Melissa is the first housemate to be in the Big 5 who’s your bet for the other four spots? Melissa is really quite a force. I’m not really surprised when she won the spot because she has really won a lot of fans. But it’s quite surprising that she won the spot in the endurance contest outlasting two guys.

Click read more to know who complete's my bets for the Big 5.

Jason – Melason fans will probably not let Jason miss a spot in the Big 5 especially now Melissa has a guaranteed spot. I must say I am a Melason fan. I love Melissa and Jason tandem. LOL. I like Jason because he really reminds me of someone important to me – Edward. He resembles Ed in a more than one way, his moustache, the way he speaks especially his inflection (though Ed is kapampangan), his bad boy attitude, his laziness, and his hopeless romantic ways. *Sigh* onion emoticons I wish I could find a way to contact him.

Paul Jake – though a lot of housemate wants him out because of his financial status and a braggart, I don’t think Paul Jake will miss a spot because of these reasons.

Tibo – he’s always a strong contender for this week HoH so that might secure him a spot.

As for the last spot I think I’ll gonna put my bet on Marielle.

Johann is always nominated for eviction. And I simply don’t like him. Photobucket LOL. I wish it was him that was evicted last eviction rather than Mommy Kath.

So there are my bets for the PBB Big 5 who’s yours?

Photos from: Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

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