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Thursday, January 7, 2010

William Levy of Angel sa Lansangan

I was blogwalking when I found a photo of Dr Juan Miguel San Roman of ABS-CBN's Angel sa Lansangan or William Levy irl. Google his name and you'll be flooded with results.

Here are some of his pictures to refresh your memory of who I am talking about.

And lastly, the photo which took me by surprised.

Warning full nudity! onion emoticons

I've learned that this photo is for an underwear campaign. He's a model btw before becoming an actor. So this explains the photo.

This is just a filler post. I know the holidays is over but I'm still busy (and lazy, the weather makes me sleep more onion emoticons) with a lot of things, birthday parties, some business paper works and some important errands. But I do have some drafts saved. Ta tah. onion emoticons

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