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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PayPal Wishlist - I got paid

Remember my post about earning $100 using PayPal and Facebook? Turns out it's not a scam. onion emoticons I got paid last week. I admit, I doubted this promo at first. I made the wishlist the first time it came out but took action when the prmo was halfway through. I should have "karir" this. LOL

Here are some proof:

An e-mail from Paypal Wishlist informing me that I've got paid:

This one is an e-mail from PayPal confirming that Facebook Paypal promo sent me prize.

I double checked it in my PayPal account and it's already credited, US$33. Sweet! Photobucket

Now all I need is to link my bank account to PayPal to withdraw the cash. I'll post about it as soon as moolah is on my hand.

I want to hear from other people who participated in the promo, how much you got?

And for those who were skeptic about it, Haha! onion emoticons

Ta tah~ onion emoticons

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