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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My own Edward

Yep, I got my own kind of Edward. (Nope, he's not the Edward who I fell in love back in college) He's charming, I literally melt from his stares.I love his particular scent. Just his mere presence light up my world. His peculiar smile sends happiness even on my saddest mood. PhotobucketAnd the list goes on.

He was Edward once to me like he’s to Bella in the first installment of the movie. And he’s the same Edward too to me like he was to Bella in the second installment, but only the first part sans the Volturi chuvla. Yes he’s cold, but not literally cold like Edward, he’s very “cold” especially nowadays. And he's not dead. That thought alone would send me in the abyss of loneliness and hysteria.onion emoticons

He’s really like Edward, a vampire. Not your typical mythological out of the movies vampire but sort of an emotional vampire. But not exactly one. He don’t actually drain the blood from my neck onion emoticons but he just sort of sucks my happiness. Well he does it subconsciously and not on purpose. And he doesn't know he had this effect on me. The point is, it is entirely all my fault that I'm in this situation. I don't want to elaborate more. Case closed.

I just wish I got my own Jacob too. Sigh.onion emoticons

Note: I wanted to post it when New Moon was shown but I’m afraid of what might be the repercussions. I’m posting it now because, one - I found my Jacob. I’ll tell you more about it on another post. And second, my Edward will probably laugh about this thing now, or not. I hope it’s the former.

Ta tah. Gotta go to Franz's birthday. Oh it's 17 today, Miss you B. Ü

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