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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prosti's Makeover

You probably notice there are lots of little changes with my blog. I was just tinkering with the placement of my blog advertisements and the next thing I know I was making a lot of little changes. Photobucket It was like a makeover. Anyhow here are some of the little things I've changed/added to my blog.

I edited the labels of my blog posts. Yes, all 300 plus of them. Photobucket I noticed that I haven’t labeled my old migrated posts so I labeled them and relabeled the new ones too. It took me a week skimming and labeling all those posts. Now I won’t have a hard time finding some particular posts that I might need in the future.

You possibly won’t miss the red Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of the screen that pops up notification. This little interactive toolbar lets you easily see my latest posts and also my latest Twitter post, connect to your Facebook account, subscribe to my RSS feed, and share a given post on any number of social networking sites like delicious, digg, stumbleupon, etc. There is also a fun Random Post button that you can click to be randomly taken to one of our older posts, which is kind of fun if you’ve got some time. It also translates my blog post using Google translate. There's also Google and local search for my blog and results are shown without leaving my site. Cool di ba? Photobucket

I also created a fan page for my blog in facebook. You can easily be fan by clicking on the button on the right column, right after the header. Click it now if you are still not a fan. Puh-lease Photobucket You can also follow my blog in networked blogs, also in Facebook.

I’ve also streamlined my layout, removing or editing some widgets that slow down my blog. You probably noticed the tabs after my header; I transferred there some widgets I removed from my sidebar. Now there’s individual tabs for About me, reviews, my Picasa Web Albums, calendar, bookmarks and blogroll. Also if you want to exchange links, leave me a comment or a shout out.

And speaking of comments, I now use Disqus to handle the comments in my blog. First I was reluctant to use it because it removes the whole comment control from blogger. But then again I realized most of the bulk of my readers comes from Facebook and a lot of my friends are already on Facebook. And since it let you use your Facebook account feature, I decided to use it. It can also let you use your yahoo, twitter and openID accounts to post your comment. How flexible that can be. Try now posting some comments using any of your account. Photobucket

As for my blog advertisements, I finally settled with Adsense and Nuffnang. I don’t want many ads popping and slowing the time for my blog to load. And I remembered that I blog for personal reason and not really to earn money. I just keep in mind that earning is a plus. Photobucket

Whew that was a lot of changes, time to wrap up this post. I’m itching to play Dragon Age origins. (I said before I will not try it because I can get easily hooked but I tried it because of sheer boredom; blame it on the lack of internet connection a few days back.) Ta tah, Time to slay some abominations. Photobucket

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