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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pico de Loro Summit

Finally I made it to the summit of Pico de Loro. onion emoticons

View from the top

Last December 27, we scaled Pico de Loro for the second time, exactly a week after our first climb. I didn’t make it to the summit on my first climb. I’m just 20 feet or so from reaching the summit when I saw that I need to cross a rocky ascent with cliffs on both sides. Call me a wimp but vertigo overcame me. onion emoticons I thought my balls were the lump in my chest that time. LOL.

It’s a 1 ½- 2 hour climb to the summit from the jump off point. There is a trail from our jump off point which will eventually fork into two trails. One can easily find this place as a large wooden plank landmark the area. One trail is leading to the other side of the beak which is Naic, Cavite which I one can set up camp for the night, and the other one, which we always took, leads right to the beak. Word of advice, rest at the fork if you want to take the route we took. This is the start of the “imba” trail as one from our group calls it. This is where the real ascent begins.

This is where the fork is.

After struggling from the exhausting trail, the reward is the view.

It’s simply breathtaking. And a chance to have some good photos and of course bragging rights. Also to lose some fats; though I don’t need to, but I think it was a good way to detox especially after the food and alcohol binge from parties, reunions and the like because of the holiday season. onion emoticons

The photos from the first hike were awesomely good because it was sunset and Jojo brought along a tripod and a flash. It was like a photo shoot up above the mountaintop. To see the photos click. The photos from the second hike were nevertheless picture perfect. Thanks again to Herbie. The weather cooperated; it was sunny, clear skies and not windy.

BTW on our first hike they reach summit at five in the afternoon, which explains the sunset and the night trek on the way down. On our second hike we reach the beak at noon but have lunch first then went to the summit at two in the afternoon. We didn’t linger much because of the scorching sun, so less photos. Click here and here to see Herbie’s photos of our second hike. I really envy those who had photos from the first hike, they’re magazine perfect.

Photo from the first hike
Next stop is either Talamitam or Makulot. Ta tah! Got to get ready for Tagaytay. onion emoticons

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