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Friday, December 4, 2009

The New Friendster

Check out Friendster today! They relaunched the Friendster with a new look. starting with their log-in page. (Reminds me of Twitter though it is in green.)

Just click on the images to see a larger version. :)

Once you log into the new Friendster, the first thing you’ll see is the redesigned homepage. It's still green but you can change the color scheme to wither blue or purple by clicking to the box right to your name.

The new activity stream looks like the Wall of Facebook

Click click to read more about what's new with Friendster.

Their profile page a makeover isn't really much of a makeover but just a touch up. They just rearrange the profile pic, photo album and contacts.

New Features
  • Friendster Wallet allows users to purchase products and services on Friendster such as virtual gifts, and to send and receive money to one another.
  • Friendster Gift Shop enables the users to send virtual gifts to one another, quickly and conveniently.
  • Friendster Games offers users a wide variety of fun, entertaining games and applications to play online with their friends.

Click here to read more about their new features.

Watch this clip

One thing I like about the new friendster is that the site loads faster maybe because of a plain user interface page. We'll that something to smile about.

Looks like they're trying to win back their users. Will Friendster make a comeback? It's too early to tell but we'll see.

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